Disney Lorcana draft rules - How to draft

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Disney Lorcana draft booster

Disney Lorcana can be played in different ways, but one of the most fun and challenging modes is the Booster Draft. In this mode, you and your opponents create your own decks from a random pool of cards and then compete to see who has the best strategy and skill. Here's everything you need to know about drafting in Disney Lorcana.

Booster Draft is a great way to test your knowledge of Dusney Lorcana, discover new cards and combinations, and have a lot of fun. But how do you draft Lorcana? We'll look at it in this guide!

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What is Booster Draft for Lorcana?

To play a Booster Draft in Disney Lorcana, you need at least two players. Each player needs six booster packs of Disney Lorcana cards. Each booster pack contains 12 cards: one rare, three uncommons, and eight commons.

There are five different inks (colours) of cards: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Each ink represents a different theme or genre of Disney movies. For example, red ink cards are based on action and adventure movies, while blue ink cards are based on fantasy and magic movies.

You also need some basic ink cards, which are provided separately. These are cards that have no ink cost and can be used by any deck. They are useful for fixing your mana curve and smoothing out your gameplay.

A group of Disney Lorcana cards.
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How do you draft in Disney Lorcana?

To start the draft, each player opens one booster pack and chooses one card from it. Then, they pass the remaining cards to the player on their left. This process continues until all the cards from the first pack are drafted.

Then, each player opens a second pack and chooses one card from it, but this time they pass the remaining cards to the right. This alternates for each pack until all six packs are drafted.


After drafting, each player builds a deck of 40 cards from the cards they drafted. They can use any number of inks (colours), but it is usually better to stick to one or two for consistency. They can also add any number of basic ink cards to their deck.

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