Diablo 4 Steam Deck - Is it compatible?

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A destroyed village shown in Diablo 4 trailer.

With the game just around the corner, the Diablo 4 Steam Deck release is still a question that needs additional explanation. Fans of the beloved dungeon-crawler series are desperate to play the latest title on Valve's handheld machine, but details are still a bit murky.

So, let's dive deeper and explore if Diablo 4 is compatible with Steam Deck in this guide. We'll explore whether Diablo 4 works on Steam Deck, as well as the ideal settings you'll want to use for the best performance.

Can you play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck?

Even though Diablo 4 is a Battle.Net exclusive, it is compatible with Steam Deck. The installation process differs from other Stream games and those initially available on consoles, but it's not too laborious.

Players must download the Battle.Net launcher as a non-Steam game, and use the latest version of Proton as the compatibility tool. Once done, log into Battle.Net and complete the traditional installation process from Desktop Mode.

It's worth noting that Diablo 4 is a demanding video game to run. The game is not optimised for Steam Deck and won't be verified, so you might face performance problems. So, keep reading the guide to avoid them!

Best Diablo 4 settings on Steam Deck

If you are going to use medium or high in-game settings on Steam Deck, there is bad news for you. You’ll push your console at 26-28 Watts, burning your battery to wipe out in roughly an hour. The Steam Deck may overheating as well, which isn't ideal.

If you want to run Diablo 4 comfortably, put the frame rate and refresh rate limits to 40 on your Steam Deck. Keep the in-game graphics settings on mid and high levels, but ensure all the FPS-affecting settings are turned off.


To reach the best effectiveness, you can put all the settings to a minimum. It ensures stable FPS and a much more considerable battery life.

That’s it for our guide to the Diablo 4 Steam Deck release! If you are looking for more guides on the upcoming Diablo game, check out our article about crossplay. Also, read about Diablo 4 classes and PvP.

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