Where to farm legendary items in Diablo 4 season 1

Lilith in Diablo 4

Lilith in Diablo 4
July 20, 2023 - With Diablo 4 season 1 finally here, we have checked over our information.

Everyone wants to equip their character with the best possible gear, and if you don’t know how to get good weapons and armor, you should definitely learn where to farm legendary items in Diablo 4. Though it's ultimately down to luck, there are a few places where you can obtain such equipment in comparatively huge quantities.

Let’s go over how to farm legendaries in Diablo 4 and what exactly you need to do to increase your chances of getting these items. The secret is to find a place teeming with rare enemies, naturally increasing the sheer amount of times the game rolls for legendary gear drops. The more dense the area, the easier time you'll have finding these powerful artifacts. Here's what to do.

How to farm legendary items in Diablo 4 season 1

In order to effectively farm legendary items in Diablo 4, you need to keep the point above in mind and follow these simple steps at every turn:

  • Find a dungeon with numerous elite enemies that you can quickly clear.
  • Optimize your current setup.
  • Choose the best difficulty for you.

Simply put, you need to ensure your current gear and build is the best it can be. The trick is to go up against as many elite enemies as you can, in the shortest amount of time. To not get repeatedly squashed against a wall, you also need to ensure the difficulty you choose strikes the perfect balance between increased drop rates and monster strength.

Killing ten elite mobs in five minutes will generally equate to a better drop chance over killing one mob in the same space of time on a higher World Tier level.

Once you've figured that out, go for a build with a perfect balance between offense and defense, upgrade your current gear at the Blacksmith, and ensure you have the best gems, affixes, and upgraded potions to boot. Time is legendary gear.

Let’s start with locations suitable for farming legendaries. We will tell you about three dungeons that seem to be the most convenient for this. However, you can find other farming spots that suit you better.

The best Diablo 4 dungeons for farming legendary gear

1 – Frozen Tunnel

Frozen Tunnel in Diablo 4
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Frozen Tunnel is a nice, short dungeon with lots of elite enemies that will drop many different items. Naturally, this includes legendaries. You'll also net a big chest after completing this instance, giving you another good loot roll. Finally, there's also a world event near the entrance you should complete between every couple of runs to stand another easy chance of getting some good gear.

2 – Dead Man’s Dredge

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Dead Man’s Dredge in Diablo 4
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This instance is similar to the previous one. The Dead Man’s Dredge is slightly longer, but it gives you more rewards upon completion comparatively. Also like the last one, there's a World Event close by you should try to complete whenever it's available between runs.

3 – Anica’s Claim

Anica’s Claim in Diablo 4
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Finally, we come to one of the most popular farming spots. Anica’s Claim is a dungeon full of elite enemies where you can farm a lot of legendaries. Like the last two, there's another world event near the entrance for you to try your hand at. The rewards are generally worth it.

Best difficulty level for farming legendaries in Diablo 4

Judging by the description of the Diablo 4 difficulty levels, you can get tons of legendaries on any of them. In fact, certain gear types (like Unique Legendary gear) can only drop on higher difficulties. The levels you can only fire up after you beat the main campaign.

Some of the most important and powerful items drop can only drop on these higher difficulties. If your only goal is to farm legendaries, then playing on Veteran is fine. But if you want to get unique or sacred items, you will need to choose the Nightmare difficulty.

The Torment difficulty is the most rewarding, as your enemies will give you tons of gold, EXP, unique items, and ancestral items. So, we recommend that you farm different dungeons on this difficulty.

A low-level legendary item in Diablo 4.
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What level do you need to reach to farm legendary items in Diablo 4?

There's no real level requirement that applies (and you can always stash low-level legendary items for your other characters), but the rules of chance will always play a major role.

You'll likely land around level 15-30 before you get your first legendary item through regular play. As you'll start to deal with more elite monsters as your level increases, the more legendary items you'll see as you go.

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