Diablo 4 best skills for each class

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Two armour-clad warriors in Diablo 4.

We've compiled this list of Diablo 4 best skills that you should be looking to level up for each class. With the game allowing you to re-spec your skill points at any time, you have plenty of room for experimentation to find out what works best!

Diablo 4 has five playable classes, and they all have powerful skills that you can build around. From crowd control to self-sustain, each class has indispensable skills that you should focus on levelling up.

Diablo 4 best skills for each class

Here are the two strongest skills that you can use for each class in Diablo 4.


Ice Shards

When cast, Ice Shards spreads five bolts of ice that each can deal damage to a single target, with random spread. While the skill doesn't freeze enemies, you can use it with something like the Endless Winter talent to crowd-control enemies easily.

The damage of the skill is low, but it costs very little mana and has no cooldown, making it an incredibly powerful skill that you can spam freely.


Firewall creates a line of flame that deals damage to enemies over time. It triggers the Burning status, and you can stack multiple Firewalls to cover a large area and prevent enemies from getting close to you.


Twisting Blades

This is the most popular skill for Rogues, and it synergises well with the class. You can use Combo Points to gain increased damage and a movement speed bonus to boost the damage of Twisting Blades.

The skill is meant to be used for impaling enemies, and it also increases your damage from other skills when enemies are affected by the skill.

Penetrating Shot

Unlike Twisting Blades which is a melee Rogue skill, Penetrating Shot allows you to fight enemies from a distance. The skill fires an arrow that pierces all enemies in a straight line, and you can use Combo Points to boost the skill’s damage by up to 30%. You can imbue the skill and deal even more damage and use it effectively against all enemy types.

Gameplay image showing an old wooden hut in Diablo 4.
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This is a companion skill that is used in the popular Storm Wolf build. You can use the skill to summon Wolf minions that have no protective traits, but they do scale with your character’s stats. You can order Wolves to attack specific targets and deal massive damage.


One of the core Druid skills is Landslide if you are looking to crowd-control enemies. You crush enemies with three pillars and deal massive Physical damage. What makes the skill so important is that you can take advantage of Crushing Blow.

When you deal a Crushing Blow you are guaranteed to deal a certain percentage of damage based on the enemy’s total health, so there is no limit to how well you can scale the talent. Landslide is an excellent source of landing Crushing Blows, and you should use the skill to your advantage.


Hammer of the Ancients

For a skill that costs just 20 Fury, Hammer of the Ancients is a fantastic skill for Barbarians. You need to have a two-handed bludgeoning weapon to use the skill. Activating the skill automatically equips the weapon, and makes your Barbarian deal massive damage to a small area. The skill scales very well with buffs, so make sure you take advantage of your self-buffs before activating the skill.


Upheaval works very similarly to Hammer of the Ancients. It costs 10 Fury more than Hammer at 60, but you get access to a much larger range. It is a highly effective skill if you are looking to take down enemies from a distance.

Despite the skill not dealing as much base damage as Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval counts as a Berserker skill, and you can synergise with things like Wrath of the Berserker or Battle Frenzy for a massive amount of extra damage and speed.

Characters on a snowy cliff edge in Diablo 4.
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If you want to play the Shadowmancer archetype, Sever is your go-to skill. It belongs to the Core Cluster and can be levelled up to level 5 for some really solid damage multipliers. The skill creates a spectre of your Necromancer, which charges forward at enemies, deals a massive amount of damage, and then returns to you while dealing a small amount of damage.

With Necromancer being limited in terms of mobility, Sever is a great Essence-based skill that you can use to deal with enemies that are far from you.

Bone Spear

With a massive 50% Lucky Hit Chance, Bone Spear is one of the most busted skills in the game. You can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies in a straight line. With an Essence cost of just 25, it is one of the most effective ways to deal with hordes of enemies and the high damage multipliers ensure that you one-shot most enemies in the game.


Builds in Diablo 4 require multiple skills to work like a well-oiled machine, but the skills we've mentioned have fast become the focus of attention for a lot of popular builds. There are plenty of powerful skills like Charged Bolts and Flurry that didn't make the cut, but they are actively used by players as well.

The skills you level up should depend on what kind of build you are going for, so some powerful skills that are used in one build may be completely ignored in a different build. If you can identify synergies between skills and talents, you will be able to come up with your own builds that work great for your character.

That is all you need to know about Diablo 4’s best skills. For more content, consider checking out our guide on how to get the Wings of the Creator emote. We also have a guide on on how to reset dungeons to farm efficiently.

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