How to beat Nilcar boss in Diablo 4

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Rogue in Diablo 4

There are many tough demons and other enemies that you can encounter in Sanctuary, and today we will tell you how to beat the Nilcar boss in Diablo 4. This vampire is certainly a dangerous foe, and numerous heroes have been defeated by this creature.

But don’t worry, in this guide, we will tell you the best strategy to deal with this monster and explain to you how to dodge its attacks. Also, we will show you where to find Nilcar in Diablo 4.

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How to beat Nilcar boss in Diablo 4

Nilcar boss in Diablo 4
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There aren’t many attacks in Nilcar’s arsenal. However, one of them is especially deadly and you should avoid it whenever possible. We’re talking about the ability that fires lots of projectiles at your character. This attack is able to kill your hero in a couple of seconds and you need to dodge it by moving to the side.

The other two skills of the boss are the standard ranged attack, which you can ignore, and the teleport, which allows Nilcar to escape from your character. However, the deadliest feature of this vampire is its Sanguine minions.

There are three blood cocoons that the boss can use to create Sanguine minions. These are three tough fighters who will unleash devastating attacks at your character. One of them is able to spawn Hellbinders. They look like totems that can immobilise your hero and we highly recommend that you get rid of them as soon as they appear.

Best strategies to beat Nilcar boss in Diablo 4

We know two different strategies to defeat this boss. The first one is the safest. You need to hit the boss until it spawns the first minion. Whenever Nilcar summons a Sanguine servant, you need to attack and defeat that creature. Take out all Sanguine minions before there are too many of them.

The second strategy is a bit risky. Instead of trying to defeat Sanguine minions, just focus on the boss. Yes, it’s dangerous, as you will have to fight four tough opponents at some point. However, you will spend less time fighting these enemies and all Sanguine minions will die after you defeat Nilcar.


How to find Nilcar in Diablo 4

Nilcar location in Diablo 4
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Nilcar is the final boss of the Kor Dragan Stronghold, which we recommend you visit only if your character is Level 25+. You can see the exact location of this Stronghold on the map above.

Nilcar is a tough and dangerous enemy, and you need to be patient if you want to learn how to counter all its tricks. Hopefully, this guide will help you win this fight! And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to find and defeat Cyhrach The First Born in Diablo 4.

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