How to change time in Dead Island 2

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Zombie in Dead Island 2.
April 24, 2023: Wondering how to change time in Dead Island 2? Find out how in our guide containing all the intel.

Knowing how to change time in Dead Island 2 won't only help you get some terrific screenshots, but help you quickly complete some time-specific quests scattered around the map. By changing time, you'll save time. Here's how it works.

Before we make a start, we'll point out now that you'll need to fulfil a few conditions to unlock the ability to change time in Dead Island 2. It's locked behind another feature, so don't start mashing buttons at the start of your playthrough expecting to take some moody shots right from the get-go.

How to change the time of day in Dead Island 2

In order to change the time of day in Dead Island 2, you need to use the fast travel feature by completing main quest 14, The Red Mist.

This mechanic can be accessed by interacting with a Fast Travel map. Such maps are available in various hideouts and headquarters, so you'll need to seek them out to travel between different locations.

Sunset in Dead Island 2.
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How does Fast Travel tie in with winding the clocks backwards or forwards? When you click on the location you want to fast travel to, you'll see the option to choose the time of day as well.

You're a little limited with simple "day" or "night" options, but it's better than nothing. You'll still have to wait around if you're looking for that early morning sunrise or late-afternoon glow.


After that, you'll get access to fast travel maps and, by extension, the ability to change the time of day.

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