Dead by Daylight Mods - Are they allowed?

dead by daylight mods

For as long as we can remember, mods have played a key role in the development of video games. Such is the case with the Dead by Daylight mods, which have helped Behaviour Interactive's asymmetrical online multiplayer survival horror become the game that it is today.

Since its 2016 release on consoles and PC, the online-only game has garnered a worldwide fan base and a number of big updates. The reason for its immense popularity mostly stems from its long list of crossovers, as well as its esports tournaments that are held regularly on all major platforms, no doubt.

Speaking of mods, though, it is a burning question that many are still itching to have answered. Does Dead By Daylight support mods, and if so, how do they affect the overall gameplay? Well, let's go ahead and break it down. For more on the game, you can also check out our latest on the Dead By Daylight rank reset, the best killers, and the best survivor perks.

Are Dead By Daylight mods allowed?

To put it simply, no, mods are not supported by the Dead by Daylight developer, nor are players encouraged to go searching for them, either. The reason for this is simply because, as Dead by Daylight is an online game, mods are automatically considered to be cheats, and therefore should not, under any circumstances, be implemented into your game.

Dead by Daylight mods
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There is a plus side to this, however, and it does mean players can explore their creativity without getting on the developer's bad side in the process. As it happens, players can tweak a variety of features in Dead by Daylight, so long as it doesn't interfere with the code itself. By this, we mean you can use custom perk icons, as well as modify the graphics without any repercussions.

In short, players can use any form of mod that relates to in-game cosmetics, which includes skins, icons, and menus. That said, mods that boost your abilities in any way, shape, or form, are strictly prohibited, and therefore shouldn't be downloaded.

Mods you can use

The good news is, you can insert a variety of mods without receiving a slap on the wrist from Behaviour Interactive. Although it is not encouraged, per se, it is permitted, if only in short bursts to grant you a little extra wiggle room when tweaking the settings.

If you're curious to know which mods you can use in Dead by Daylight, then here's a list of all the categories that are currently tolerated by its developer:

  • Character skins
  • Custom menus
  • Graphic enhancements
  • Custom UI
Dead by Daylight mods
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Mods you should avoid

Installing any available mod you find online can carry a weighty risk, meaning you should always review the terms and conditions before sewing them into your game. If you do happen to download and make use of an unjust mod, then your account can be put up for deletion. The mods you should avoid for Dead by Daylight are as follows:

  • Performance boosts
  • Aim bots
  • Anything that provides an in-game advantage

What happens if you get caught using performance-enhancing mods?

It goes without saying that using any sort of performance-enhancing mod is considered bad taste in most, if not all gamers' eyes. And as with any game that revolves around online multiplayer, the use of such mods can lead to serious consequences.

If a player is caught using any form of mod that helps boost their chances of winning an online match, Behaviour Interactive has every right to ban the player without warning. This is, of course, a worst-case scenario, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly by any gamer or potential modder.

Of course, using any mod carries a weighty risk, and therefore shouldn't be tampered with unless you're fully aware of the problems that may follow suit. And while Dead by Daylight has an abundance of such mods scattered around the web, you should definitely consider the pros and cons before hitting any sort of download icon.

Dead by Daylight mods
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Where to find mods for Dead by Daylight

Downloading mods and patching them into your game files can be somewhat hit or miss, and should therefore be treated with care. That being said, there is a nexus of quality handles that provide such mods that are both free and safe to install. You can find plenty of in-game cosmetics on the listed sites below.


Mod By Daylight

What's new with Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is an ever-evolving platform, which means you can never predict what or who Behaviour Interactive will enlist in the next update. At present, players can delve into a wide selection of unique chapters, which include legacy characters from franchises such as Silent Hill, Halloween, and Evil Dead. You can keep tabs on the latest characters and chapters by following the official Twitter handle.

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