Best Minecraft axe enchantments (October 2022)

best minecraft axe enchantments

In Minecraft, there are various items that you need to use for different purposes. Some things are widely used, like axe or swords, while other items are not even worth the resources that you might spend on them. To help you out on your travels, this guide will outline the Best Minecraft axe enchantments to use in 2022.

The first thing you need to know is enchanting items is one of the most exciting systems in Minecraft, especially if you use different Minecraft modes. In the game, there are six types of tools: wooden, stone, iron, golden, diamond, and netherite. The better tools you have, the more effectively you will use them. And enchanting allows you to make even ordinary tools in Minecraft better. For example, if you have a perfectly enchanted iron axe, it will be way more effective than a netherite axe, which is exciting.

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The Best Enchantments For Axe in Minecraft 2022

It is obvious why you need to enchant your tools in Minecraft. Generally, there are various buffs you can get by enchanting items. And if you are a beginner, it might be pretty challenging to find out what improvements are worth your attention and what are not. So, continue reading the guide to learn about the best axe enchantments in Minecraft 2022.

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The fact is that the axe in Minecraft is widely used not only to cut down trees but to fight against enemies as well. Even though this tool does less damage than the sword, it can deal damage faster, which makes the axe the best fighting tool in Minecraft.

As a result, there are various valuable enchantments for the axe in Minecraft. So, it all depends on what you expect to get from the axe. And below, we have a list of enchantments that would be great for everyone.


The fact is that efficiency is one of the most widespread enchantments in Minecraft. You can get it not only for axes but for various other tools as well. And when this boost is applied to the axe, it will increase the speed of it. So, you will be able to cut down trees and kill enemies faster. And the maximum level of Efficiency Enchantment is five.


It's no secret that unbreaking is one of the most helpful enchantments you can get for tools in Minecraft. And there are three levels of unbreaking. With every level, your axe’s durability will be increased by 100%. And the maximum boost is 300%, which is exciting.


Just like Unbreaking, Mending is the enchantment used to increase durability. And you will repair the tool by collecting experience orbs when you have an axe with this improvement. However, keep in mind that when using the tool with this enchantment, the number of EXP that you will get will be significantly decreased.


Smite is the last enchantment that is perfectly suitable for an axe. However, this improvement is good only if you want to use an axe instead of a sword. It will significantly increase the damage dealt against undead mobs. But this enchantment has a disadvantage. The fact is that when you have it, it is impossible to have Sharpness as the second boost.

How to Enchant Axe in Minecraft

After you learned the best axe enchantments in Minecraft, now you need to know how to enchant it. So, the first thing you need to do when you decide to enchant the axe is to get the best axe. The fact is that enchanting in Minecraft is expensive. Also, take care of the durability. Enchant tools only when they have 100% durability, especially if you use the netherite tools.

And when you have the proper axe, you can start enchanting it. To do it, you need to use an Enchantment Table and experience points. And the fact is that the Enchantment Table is one of the most expensive items in Minecraft. To craft it, you need to use four Obsidian, two Diamonds, and one Book. Also, to make the Enchantment Table work, you must have three pieces of Lapis Lazuli. It is used as fuel.

best minecraft axe enchantments
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And when you craft an Enchantment Table, you need to surround it with Bookshelves. This should be done to get the maximum enchantment level. To make one Book Shelf, you need three Books and six Wood Planks. And to access the top enchantment level, you need to use 15 Bookshelves. Also, when you place the shelves, leave one block of air between the Bookshelves and the Enchantment Table.

When you have all these things done, the only thing that you need to do is to get Anvil and Enchanted Books. Anvil is used to get the combat enchantments like Smite, Sharpness, and Bane of the Arthropods. And you need to use four Iron Ingots and three Blocks of Iron to make one Anvil.

However, it is impossible to craft Enchanted Books even using creative mode. So, you must carefully look for them in villages, dungeons, and other locations. Also, some primary Enchanted books can be easily obtained by fishing, trading, or killing enemies.

Other Tips for Enchantment in Minecraft

Before enchanting an axe, you need to know that all three boosts you can get from the Enchantment Table are randomized. And if you do not like the boosts that you have got, you can reset them. To do it, you need to have one Lapis Lazuri and one experience level. Just put the axe into the Enchantment Table, and you will be able to reset the stats.

And if you have two enchanted axes, you can combine them and get one more powerful axe. To do it, you need to put both axes in the Anvil and press the Combining button. However, remember that you can do it only when two axes are of the same type (for example, two iron axes). Moreover, you can do it not only with axes but with any other tools in Minecraft.

In conclusion, an axe in Minecraft is used not only as a tool but also as a weapon. Therefore, there are various enchantments suitable for it. And among the best Minecraft axe enchantments, we highlight the following: Curse of Vanishing, Bane of Arthropods, and Fortune.

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