Best Farming Simulator 22 mods for 2023

A tractor ploughing a field in Farming Simulator 22.

A tractor ploughing a field in Farming Simulator 22.

Looking for the best Farming Simulator 22 mods for 2023? Even though there are various exciting vehicles, tractors, and combines in Farming Simulator 22, some people still want more. The only solution is to download mods. Fortunately, finding a suitable mod is not a big problem.

On the internet, you can find maps, buildings, tractors, cars, combines, and various other mods for the newest Farming Simulator game. Moreover, every mod can be installed with just a few clicks. By reading this guide, you will find out the best Farming Simulator 22 mods for 2023.

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Here are the best Farming Simulator 22 mods

A John Deere 8R tractor in Farming Simulator 22.
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John Deere 8R

The John Deere 8R is one of the best tractors not only in real life, but also in Farming Simulator 22. In the game, this tractor costs £315,000 and has five unique configurations. The best one is the 8R BN Ultimate Edition.

In this configuration, the tractor has 1,250 BHP and a maximum speed of 40 MPH. The only disadvantage is the price. The John Deere 8R Ultimate Edition costs £384,240, making it one of the most expensive tractors in the game. But if you want to pay for comfort, this machine is one of the best options.

New Holland Combines in Farming Simulator 22.
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New Holland Combines

By installing this modification, two mighty New Holland combines will appear in Farming Simulator 22. The first one is New Holland CR 9000. It costs £303,000 and has six engine options. Moreover, you can increase the capacity up to 23,600 litres.

The second combine is New Holland CR Intellisense, and it costs £325,000. Generally, the only difference between the Intellisense and the CR9000 is that the first combine has more horsepower. But their maximum speeds are the same. So, you will not feel any difference using them.

Also, with this modification, two cutters are added. The first one is Varifeed 41FT with 12m working width. The second cutter is 3162 Superflex Draper 45FT. It has a working width of 13.7m.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S in Farming Simulator 22.
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Porsche Taycan Turbo S

There is no doubt that the Porsche Taycan is one of the fastest electric cars in the world. Moreover, it is one of the most desired electric cars. By installing this mod, you can add the Porsche Taycan Turbo S to Farming Simulator 2022.

This supercar will cost only £191,626 and can reach 280 km/h in the maximum configuration. Also, the Porsche Taycan features a unique exhaust sound, which makes the car more realistic. But the best thing about this vehicle is that it can be purchased in 149 different colours, and has LED lights.

Audi Q8 2019 in Farming Simulator 22.
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Audi Q8 2019

Having a luxury SUV is one of the main attributes of a successful farmer. By installing this mod, you can add such an SUV to Farming Simulator 22. The Audi Q8 has four different skins and three engine variants. Moreover, the developers regularly update this mod, fixing all bugs and reducing its file size.

Ebony Island in Farming Simulator 22.
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Ebony Island

Even though Ebony Island is a fictional location that can not be found in real life, it is one of the best maps in Farming Simulator 22. Here you can find seven unique farms and 225 fields of different sizes. Moreover, the developers implemented a special script in this mod, allowing you to merge fields quickly.

Talking about other features of this map, there are 100 collectible toys, custom animal pens, custom storage capacities, and various other mechanics created to improve your in-game experience.

Wiejska Dolina in Farming Simulator 22.
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Wiejska Dolina

Wiejska Dolina is one of the most extensive Farming Simulator 22 maps, including one city and four villages. The best feature of this map is that it is suitable for everything. Here you can find 112 fields, nine forest lands, ten sale points, and other elements that can improve your in-game experience.

Moreover, you can find five building lands on this map. Here you can quickly build your custom farm using various placeable builds from the shop.

XXL Chicken Barn in Farming Simulator 22.
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XXL Chicken Barn

Even though most people underestimate chickens in Farming Simulator 2022, this modification makes them profitable. XXL chicken barn can contain up to 600 chickens, which is a huge number. Also, this chicken barn automatically collects eggs in ten pallets, allowing it to accumulate 150,000 simultaneously. So, install this mod and try something new if you have not tried chicken business yet, to make plenty of profit.

Ford F-350 in Farming Simulator 22.
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Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 is a unique vehicle that can replace not only a tractor, but even a truck. It costs only £49,000 in the minimal configuration and has 385 horsepower. However, you can easily add additional horsepower for a small amount of money.

Also, one more advantage of the Ford F-350 is that it has various customisation options. You can opt for custom wear, colours, sounds, and engines. Moreover, the vehicle is fully animated. So it will feel highly realistic while using it.

Scania R Sattelzug in Farming Simulator 22.
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Scania R Sattelzug

Even though the Scania R Sattelzug is the last modification in this list, it's definitely worth your attention. The Scania R Sattelzug can tow seeds, crops, and other vehicles. This truck is one of the most powerful in Farming Simulator 22, and has vast customisation options. You can opt for a motor, exhaust, decor, bull catchers, and other things.

You can be sure that if you have a significant farm and various fields, a few Scania R Sattelzugs can make harvesting crops and making money much easier. So, feel free to install this mod right now.

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