Best Brotato engineering builds guide

Brotato gameplay.

Brotato gameplay.

In order to succeed against various opponents in Brotato, you should find the perfect balance between stats and the right weapons. Perfectly synergised stats, characters, and weapons create multiple nice builds. Every build is suitable for the specific situation, and the best Brotato engineering builds seem to be the most suitable not only for experienced players, but also beginners.

Below, we'll go over the best Brotato engineering builds to help you dominate opponents and survive even the most complex attacks easily.

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Engineering build in Brotato

Brotato gameplay.
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The central part of any engineering build is the Engineer, of course. It is a unique support character that is unlocked by placing five turrets simultaneously.

The engineer starts the round with a +10 Engineering boost and increased Engineering modifications by 25%. Unfortunately, this hero pays for it with decreased damage from damage modifications by 50%, which is one of the worst debuffs in the game.

The main goal of the engineering build is to spawn five turrets and then increase their stats as much as possible using screwdrivers and wrenches. And the best way to do it is to increase the engineering stat, the most crucial stat for the engineering build in Brotato.

How to create the best Brotato engineering build

Brotato gameplay.
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The foremost thing you should know is that even though the primary stat in this build is engineering, you always need to increase health points while levelling up. One of the main reasons why you should do it is that all items you need to choose during the fight are aimed at increasing Engineering. And if you do not care about health points while levelling up, you'll find it tough to stay alive.

Also, consider that Engineering build might appear ineffective when you just start but in later stages, this build is definitely worth it.

+1 Engineering
+2 Engineering -1% Attack Speed -1% Chance of critical damage
+6 Engineering -8% Attack Speed
Wandering Bot
Summons a special robot that slows down enemies
Creates special mines every 12 seconds
+3 Max HP -1% Damage
+10% Attack Speed -2% Damage
+3 Max HP +3% Damage +1 Armor +3% Speed -4% Critical Hit Chance

Unfortunately, the game suggests random items while you progress in the game. Therefore, it is pretty challenging to create the build using only perfectly suitable items. You always need to use alternative options if you want to be effective. And below, you can find the list of things that are always suitable for Engineering build.

  • Tractor
  • Potato
  • Tree
  • Sifd’s relic
  • Lucky Charm
  • Retromations hoodie

That’s it for the best Engineering build in Brotato. Remember that there are also various other exciting options you can use. Just feel free to turn on your creativity and adapt the build to a specific situation, that is a key to success. And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free strategy games.

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