Avowed - Release date speculation and everything we know

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First person perspective from Avowed, showing the character's hands holding a sword and performing magic
Credit: Obsidian Enteratinment

In the realm of fantasy RPGs, one game has captured the attention and anticipation of avid gamers: Avowed. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known for their exceptional work on titles like Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, the game is promising to shake up the gaming world. As the release date draws near, fans eagerly await any morsel of information regarding this highly anticipated game—that some have even touted as a competitor to Bethesda’s acclaimed Elder Scrolls franchise.

Set in the fictional land of Aedyr, Avowed embraces a first-person perspective, introducing a fresh and immersive experience within the realm of high fantasy RPGs. With Obsidian's reputation for delivering memorable narratives and complex character development, players can expect an epic tale that unfolds in a meticulously crafted world.

In this article, we’ll delve into the depths of information surrounding this upcoming title. From rumours and speculation to confirmed details, we'll explore the latest updates on gameplay mechanics, storylines, and character progression.

Everything we know about Avowed

As mentioned, Avowed will take place in Eora, the same setting that is used in Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity games. But whereas those are top-down, isometric CRPGs in the same vein as Baldur’s Gate and the Icewind Dale series, Avowed is switching things up to a first-person perspective.

It’ll be familiar to anyone who’s played Skyrim or Oblivion. In the gameplay trailer shown at Xbox’s 2023 Summer Game Showcase, we saw lots of Elder Scrolls-esque combat. It seems you'll be encountering challenging battles against bandits and skeletons. You'll have a range of options to engage in combat, such as sword-and-shield style, dual-wielded axes, a two-handed sword, or ranged weapons—though I’m sure more weapon types will be revealed in due course.

It appears that magic will also hold a significant combat role in Avowed, though the details are still somewhat mysterious. There are glimpses of the player character casting spells with one glowing hand while holding a one-handed weapon, as well as slower, heavier spells cast with both hands before seamlessly transitioning back to a sword and shield.

These variations in spellcasting may represent distinct active abilities, similar to Skyrim's dragon shouts or racial powers, adding depth and strategic options to your magical abilities. But, unlike Skyrim, Avowed will allow your character to use firearms to take down enemies. It’s not often you see fantasy setting embrace guns as well as more traditional medieval weapons, but it sure looks cool.

First-person perspective from Avowed of a character duel-wielding pistols, aimed at a large orc.
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It's been confirmed that Avowed won’t have a massive, sprawling open world like the Elder Scrolls games, but instead will feature a more intimate, hand-crafted setting. In an interview with PCGamer, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said:

“We could go off and create an 8km x 8km open world and then deal with all the consequences of that—because that makes it a different style game. But we want to tell more confined stories that the player can experience with their companions, and then move from part of the world to part of the world. And, like I said, in the end, that's us."

In the same interview, Avowed director Carrie Patel went into more detail on this development mindset, saying:

“I think where Obsidian really shines as an RPG maker is with this really evocative nuanced world building, stories that are more focused on depth and breadth, and really thoughtful quest design that rewards experimentation and exploration from players—that gives them a sense of agency. And that gives them a meaningful set of options with how they interact with the world and characters."

So, it seems that Avowed won’t be on the same massive scale as Skyrim—very few games are—but will instead deliver a smaller, more nuanced game.

A scaly blue fish man from Avowed.
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We don’t know much about Avowed story and setting other than what’s been revealed in the trailers so far. Here’s what we do know: Avowed immerses players in the fantastical world of Eora, which shares its setting with Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity CRPGs. Eora offers a unique blend of medieval fantasy with a touch of modernity, featuring elements like gunpowder and ships reminiscent of the Age of Sail.

The game's narrative unfolds in the Living Lands, a secluded island that has managed to evade direct attention from Eora's colonial powers until now. The Aedyr Empire, a prominent intercontinental state, stands as one of the key players. Although Avowed's placement in the Eora timeline is uncertain compared to the Pillars of Eternity games, there have been rumours in the fanbase that it is in fact a prequel.

As a player, you assume the role of an envoy sent by the Aedyr Empire to the Living Lands, tasked with investigating reports of a devastating plague. However, the reception from the island's inhabitants is wary, given the historical context of colonial powers.

The choices you make throughout the game will shape your character's role, allowing you to define their personality, appearance, philosophy, and overall approach. If you know anything about Obsidian games, you know that there'll be lots of difficult moral choices for your character to make.


Avowed release date speculation

Avowed is currently scheduled for release in 2024 and will be available on PC and Xbox Series X and S—sorry PlayStation users, there’s no mention of a release on Sony’s family of consoles just yet.

Sadly that’s all the information we have concerning Avowed’s release date, but hopefully, we’ll get some more information in the coming months.

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