Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

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The character is fighting with a monster in Atlas Fallen.
Credit: Deck13

With the new action RPG from Deck13 being released soon, we'll tell you if Atlas Fallen is on Game Pass. If you've got a Game Pass subscription and have been interested in Atlas Fallen, you should know in advance if you have to spend extra money to play the game.

Xbox Game Pass makes games very accessible, as it removes the massive paywall many games have, and offers you a subscription service that grants access to a wide variety of titles. And that’s why we all love it.

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Is Atlas Fallen coming to Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Atlas Fallen is not coming to Game Pass - at least, not upon release. For now, the only way to play is to either pre-purchase the game or purchase it after release. The price is $60 on the official Xbox store, but this may vary slightly depending on what platform you purchase. However, the game requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold to play the online portion of Atlas Fallen, so that's something to consider.

As of now, Deck13 hasn’t said anything about Game Pass in the present or future. The game could well be on Game Pass eventually, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. The library of games available on Game Pass does change frequently and developers often add their games to the service months after release.

The character is fighting with a monster in Atlas Fallen.
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Credit: Deck13

Why isn’t Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

Well, we can only speculate. Deck13 hasn’t said anything about the reasoning behind not adding Atlas Fallen to Game Pass.

Most likely, it all comes down to the revenue it will produce. The subscription costs less than the actual game, and the studios get much less than you pay for the subscription. At release, there is high demand for the game and a lot of people are willing to buy the game for the full price.


After some time, when everyone who wanted to buy the game has already bought it, the developers could add Atlas Fallen to Game Pass. At that point, it is more profitable to put the game on a subscription service and/or lower the price of the game as that will bring profit from people that wouldn’t have paid the full price of the game.

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