How to download decals in Armored Core 6

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Armored Core 6 decal on yellow mech

Decals in Armored Core 6 add a lot of personality and customisation to your Armored Core build. It's purely cosmetic, but it's one of the coolest ways to show off your own emblem or interests on your mech. However, making your own custom decals can be quite a time-consuming process. So this is where the community comes in, and now you can simply download decals for Armored Core 6.

The Armored Core 6 community is passionate about customisation, since it's one of the main appeals of this franchise. Consequently, you get access to a whole treasure trove of unique decals. From Evangelion to esports teams and various other references, there's almost definitely a decal out there for you. So, let's learn how to download decals so you can have the hottest mech in town.

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How to download decals in Armored Core 6

The decal download process in Armored Core 6 is actually fairly straightforward. Once you're in the garage, be sure to head over to the "AC DATA" menu. Once in here, you just need to go to the Download tab of the AC DATA menu. You'll see a list of your downloaded decals plus a download button to add new ones. Simply begin by clicking on this button.

Armored Core 6 decal download screen
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Credit: Armored Core 6 decal download menu

Once you click on the button, a text box will pop up and ask you to enter the decal code, also known as the Share ID. You can find these decal download codes/Share IDs online in community forums and other listings.

armored core 6 decal download text id
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How to apply decals in Armored Core 6

Once you've downloaded your decal of choice, head over to the AC Assembly menu and select Decals. From here, just click on the black box at the bottom left to bring up your downloaded decals. Then make your choice and place it on your AC, and then you're good to go!

Additionally, you can also upload decals and emblems you make from the in-game image editor. So, if you have an idea you think other players will love, don't hesitate to share it with the rest of the community.


It's important to note that all these Share ID decal codes are platform-specific. It means decals uploaded to PC will only be available to PC users and the same for Xbox and PlayStation. You can use the AC Companion website or the official subreddit to find Share ID listings on your platform of choice.

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