How to find Words of Power in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake holding up a light

Alan Wake holding up a light

Curious about where those yellow arrows in Alan Wake 2 will take you? You’ll find a few of these markers as you play through the sequel to Remedy Entertainment’s psychological thriller, but you may not know what they lead to. In this guide, we’re going to find out whether it is safe to follow these yellow arrows or not.

Alan Wake 2 takes place ten years after the original game when a string of murders occurs in Bright Falls. You’ll be able to take control of the eponymous character once more, but the sequel will also introduce players to a new playable character in FBI Agent Saga Anderson.

The yellow arrows in Alan Wake 2 are but one of many intriguing things you’ll find in the game. You may be preoccupied with trying to understand other aspects of the story, so let’s discover where these arrows will lead you.

Where do yellow arrows take you in Alan Wake 2?

Following the yellow arrows in Alan Wake 2 will lead you through a path that ends up at a graphic made up of words. These graphics are known as Words of Power.

Getting to these Words of Power won’t always be easy, though. When heading in the direction that the yellow arrows are pointing to, you’ll find obstacles in your way more often than not, to traverse past.

That being said, Words of Power are pretty useful, so it’s definitely worth your trouble finding a way around these obstacles. The yellow arrows will only show up when using a flashlight as Alan Wake, so keep it trained on the ground to see where to go.

What are Words of Power in Alan Wake 2?

Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 serve as upgrades for the playable character. Using a Word of Power can help Alan become harder to detect, or more effective with his weapons.

These power-ups only apply to Alan, so you won’t be coming across yellow arrows or Words of Power as Saga. You can apply Word of Power upgrades while inside a Writer's Room, functioning as permanent upgrades.

That covers what the yellow arrows in Alan Wake 2 will lead to. For more on the survival horror game, check out what Remedy has planned for Alan Wake 2 DLC. We've also got an Alan Wake 2 release time countdown.

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