Guardians of the Galaxy: Does It Have Autosave?

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game from developer Eidos-Montréal lets you suit up as the smooth-talking, ex-Space Pirate Peter Quill and battle through various tasks alongside the newly formed Guardians of the Galaxy! Your journey will take you to multiple places and you will face a lot of challenges along the way, so it can be frustrating if you accidentally lose all of your hard-earned progress. This is why we're going to answer a crucial question about the game - does it have autosave?

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Does It Have Autosave?

Yes, the game does have an autosave feature that triggers each time you pass certain points in each chapter. It seems to be that the autosave is set off once you start a new chapter, learn a new piece of information, enter a new area, or have progressed past a significant part of the chapter you're playing.

You will be able to see when the game is autosaving as a small symbol that appears on your screen. The symbol is a variation of the classic Guardians of the Galaxy symbol. When the symbol is active try not to turn off your console. otherwise, the saving process will not be completed and you will lose your progress.

Does It Have Manual Save?

Yes, the game has a manual saving option too! All you need to do to access it is open up your pause menu and you will need to click on the "save game" bar. This will take you to 3 slots, which means you can have 3 different save game files at one time. Click on the slot you want to save your current game in and it will have manually saved it.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Pause Screen with Save Game selected
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Can I Check When My Last Autosave Was?

You can check when your last autosave happened by entering your pause screen. If you look carefully. there will be a timer in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. This is showing you how much time has passed since the last autosave happened and if you know that you have made a lot of progress in that time but want to quit, it's best to do a manual save just to be safe.


There's plenty for you to explore in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, so knowing how to save your progress on your epic journey is always going to be useful. If you're a streamer that's interested in the game, you will want to check out our guide on how to turn off Licensed Music!

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