Where To Find Legion Square In GTA Online

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Considering the amount of open-world games that have come out since GTA 5, the fact that it still has one of the largest and most detailed open-worlds out there is incredibly impressive and shows how obsessed Rockstar Games are with the details of their games, especially with all of the things you can do in the single-player, let alone the chaotic multiplayer in GTA Online.

Legion Square is one of the more interesting locations in GTA 5, thanks to the fact that it’s both a public park and a whole city block, not to mention that it has some importance in both the single-player campaign and GTA Online, so if you’re interested in exploring GTA 5 and finding the coolest stuff, we’re here to help you look for it.

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Where To Find Legion Square In GTA Online

You can find Legion Square in GTA 5 in the central-east portion of Los Santos, near the police impound and Lester’s garment factory.

Since most GTA 5 players will go through the story mode, most of them will arrive here to do the ‘Barry’s Strangers,’ ‘Vice Assassination’ and ‘Freaks’ missions, so it shouldn’t be too hard to go back. 

GTA Online also uses the Legion Square area for a couple of things, like the job ‘Legion Square Survival’ and for spawning vehicles, which is pretty useful in a game like this.


We imagine that this will be a place that a lot of people will be visiting to ensure they have vehicles or to simply complete the aforementioned missions.

GTA 5, which comes with GTA Online, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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