GTA Writer, Producer And DJ Of Nearly 20 Years, Lazlow Jones, Leaves Rockstar

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Fans and players of Rockstar games may be disappointed to hear some recent news about Lazlow Jones.

Jones' LinkedIn profile revealed the news. Here's everything we know.


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Lazlow Jones Leaves Rockstar

Lazlow Jones was the writer, producer and radio show host for Grand Theft Auto.

He has recently left Rockstar after nearly 20 years. Laslow's LinkedIn profile revealed the news that he had left the company in April.


"I worked for nearly 20 years at Rockstar Games as a Director, Producer and Writer for history-making franchises Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Bully, Max Payne, Midnight Club and more."

His profile states that he is now working on a few different projects for Disney and Netflix.

As well as this he is could be collaborating with a writer/director from Comedy Central and an Emmy award-winning producer/director from Dreamworks to create a video game company.

"I am currently working on several projects, including development of shows for Disney and Netflix, consulting for a video game company and collaborating with a writer/director from Comedy Central and an Emmy winning producer and director formerly of Dreamworks."


Jones had worked on some of Rockstar's biggest games like GTA, Bully and Red Dead Redemption.

He also hosted many radio shows in GTA Vice City and Chattersphere from GTA V.

We are sad to hear that Lazlow will be moving on from Rockstar, but we can't wait to see what is to come, especially knowing that he's staying within the industry. 

Earlier this year, Dan Houser, one of the co-founders along with his brother, Sam, left Rockstar.