GTA Online HVY APC Review: Is It Worth It?

Despite allowing players to pull off heists and kill random NPCs, GTA Online quickly became a more vehicle-based product, allowing for wacky races among other unique game modes.

One of the more destructive vehicles you can get is the HVY APC Tank, a weaponized military vehicle that was added in 2017 and is a surefire way to get five stars in your wanted level.

But is it worth it? Here’s out review of GTA Online’s HVY APC Tank.

GTA Online HVY APC Review: Is It Worth It?

Added on June 13, 2017 during the big Gunrunning update of GTA Online, the HVY APC Tank is a vehicle you won’t want to mess with.

Players interested in causing chaos with the HVY APC Tank will have to complete the ‘Mobile Operations’ mission if they want to get their hands on this baby.

GTABase has given it an overall of 49.98.

Where Can I Find THE HVY APC Tank?

You can purchase this vehicle from the Warstock Cache & Carry.

Players will be able to store the HVY APC on the Garage or the Mobile Operations Center in the game.


Purchase Price

Getting the HVY APC will cost you $3,025,250.

Trade Price

You will be able to trade the HVY APC with others for $2,325,000.

HVY APC in Real Life

GTA Online’s HVY APC is based on a Soviet BRDM-2, BTR-80; Cadillac Gage Commando.

HVY APC Customization

Players will be able to customize the HVY APC on the Mobile Operations Center.

Is The HVY APC Worth It?

More for the novelty than any actual usefulness in GTA Online, if we’re being honest.

This is something you ride when you just want to make things explode and not much else, so if you’re a more practical player, feel free to skip this.

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