GTA Online Modder Cuts Load Times By 70%, Releases Fix

GTA Online's infamously long loading times have been the subject of the community's ire, and as it's grown, it's not getting any better.

That led one modder to take matters into their own hands and essentially create a new piece of software to reduce loading times by a whopping 70%.

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GTA Online Modder Cuts Load Times By 70%

T0ST published their findings online, along with guidance on how to implement the fix.

The root of the issue is the 63,000 items that form the game world and need to be parsed one-by-one when loading into the game.

Once parsed, Rockstar's code then runs a de-duplication routine, so that's a lot of work that takes time.

T0ST has been able to put together a .dll file that can be dropped into GTA Online that makes parsing easier, and crucially, much faster.

You can download it here, but as always, Rockstar may decide they're not keen on the idea.

Loading times would be the least of your worries if the dev banned you, after all.

With T0ST's research showing that GTA Online players have had loading times between three and six minutes, it's clear that there's an appetite for some kind of official fix.

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