GTA Online: How To Fix The Endless Loading-Screen Glitch

If you’ve played enough GTA Online, you know how frustrating it can be: you fly around the city, complete a few jobs, and then suddenly — nothing. You’re stuck with a grainy skycam view of Los Santos, and the loading screen won’t go away till you close the game client and restart. It happens.

Well, Dexerto claims to have found the ideal quick fix for this problem, at least on the PC version of the game.

If you play GTA V on PlayStation or Xbox, you may just have to keep suffering. Maybe the next-gen version of GTA Online will ship with a fix?

Fix The Endless Skycam In GTA Online

“By simply tabbing out of the game and using the resource monitor built into your PC,” Dexerto writes, “you can suspend GTA V for a few seconds, resume it, and then return to your game to find yourself plopped back onto the ground.”

  • Ctrl-alt-delete to open the Windows task manager
  • Navigate to “networking” and then “resource monitor”
  • Suspend GTA V for 15 seconds
  • Resume the game
  • Tab back into the GTA V window

GTA Online launched way back in 2013, and this glitch doesn’t happen all that often — but it’s good to know that PC players, at least, have finally found an easy workaround.

Fingers crossed that the next-gen GTA Online build has even fewer bugs.

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