GTA Online: How To Buy Arcade in Grand Theft Auto Online

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GTA Online is the gift that keeps on giving, with near-constant updates landing seemingly each and every week.

With GTA 6 seemingly some way off, it's a good job that GTA Online allows you to live out your criminal fantasies – and with friends no less.


With the recent Diamond Heist expansion, buying an arcade is a key part of the game. Here's how to do it.

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How To Buy An Arcade in GTA Online

Buying an arcade is important, as you'll use it as a front for your criminal enterprise as part of the Diamond Heist.


There are multiple options, but even the cheapest will set you back a cool $1.2 million, with more expensive ones reading $2.5 million!

When you've raised the cash you'll need to use the Eyefind App in your in-game device, but there's an easier way.

Twitch Prime members (basically anyone with Amazon Prime) can grab a FREE arcade just by linking their Twitch Prime account to their Rockstar Games account.

Simply sign in here to redeem, and once you're inside you can plan the next stage of your heist!