GTA Online: Double Rewards, New Vehicles And New Discounts March 20

GTA Online's weekly updates and new features are here, with it comes new vehicles, double rewards on selected game modes, and a new Lucky Wheel vehicle.Here's everything you need to know!

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Double Rewards

Double Rewards on King of the Hill

From March 19 to 25, duke it out for prime real estate in Chamberlain Hills or wrestle control of the oil rigs in the Grand Senora Desert. Whichever arena you step into, you're in for a helluva fight to separate yourself from the proles.

High Roller Bonuses at The Diamond

There are plenty of ways to leave The Diamond Casino & Resort with more cash than you went in with, namely Double Rewards on both Casino Work and Story Missions.

If you've been casing the joint for a Heist, word on the street has it that The Diamond may or may not be harboring a cache of twinkling gems in its vault.


Black And White Street Crime Icons Tees

Fans who play GTA Online any time this week will be able to flaunt their taste for vintage arcade cabinets when they receive both the Black and White Street Crimes Icons Tees, free of charge.

The Lucky Wheel

Once you're done sending pictures of The Diamond Casino & Resort's security cameras through to Lester, make sure to stop by the lobby to spin the Lucky Wheel. You never know what you might win: cash, RP, clothing, mystery items and more. This week's top prize is the Dewbauchee JB 700W, a vehicle fit for an operator with expensive taste. Just try not to spill your martini on the upholstery.

It ends on the 25th March.


  • 25% Off Arcade Properties
  • 25% Off Arcade Customizations & Extras
  • 35% Off Master Penthouse and Master Penthouse Customizations
  • 50% Off Casino Penthouse Decorations
  • 25% Off Casino Heist Practice Equipment
  • 35% Off Progen Emerus
  • 40% Off Nagasaki Buzzard
  • 35% Off Truffade Nero
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