GTA Online Player Shares Findings After Almost 1000 Diamond Casino Wheel Spins

An image of the lucky wheel from the Diamond Casino in GTA Online.

An image of the lucky wheel from the Diamond Casino in GTA Online.

Spinning the lucky wheel in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino can often seem like an exercise in futility. More often than not, rather than the car glamorously rotating on the podium, you end up with a disappointing reward, such as a tiny boost in reputation or cash, or perhaps a t-shirt that might as well say ‘you tried’.

Well, for those who’ve found themselves wondering if there’s a science behind their lucky wheel suffering, a post by reddit user ash_274 might provide some interesting answers.

Posted to celebrate the 1000 day anniversary of the Diamond Casino Heist’s release, the data gathered shows some interesting trends and probabilities surrounding GTA’s devious disk.

GTA Online Player Shares Diamond Casino Wheel Data

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. Ash_274 states early on that, in their opinion, the data they’ve gathered doesn’t seem to support the idea that the wheel’s outcomes are rigged against players.

Instead, the overall trend shown over the course of the 945 days spun so far is one of fairly reliable success, with the percentage chances of receiving each item matching up pretty well with ash_274’s expectations.

For example, the chance of winning the weekly podium vehicle, by far the most coveted prize, sits at around 5% every spin, having come up on 53 of ash_274’s spins.

The cars won serve as by far the most lucrative aspect of the lucky wheel, ash_274 having earned a total of $72,234,400 in in-game value while amassing a huge vehicle collection, only using a glitch to increase their chances of getting one car, the Progen PR4.

Of all the outcomes, reputation points occurred the most, having been the result of 218 (23.1%) of ash_274’s daily spins, with Diamond Casino chips coming in a close second at 205 (21.7%) and the ever-popular clothing in third at 198 (21.0%).

For those desperate to make their daily logins profitable, outside of winning the vehicle the outcomes of cash and casino chips proved the second and third biggest earners at $6,695,000 and $3,685,000 respectively.

Given the massive drop off in terms of money earned between the first and second most preferable results, it’s up to you whether you think trying to break ash_274’s longest streak of 95 consecutive days spinning the wheel is worth it.

However, if you do decide to attempt it, at least now you can go in with a better picture of the odds you’re up against.

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