GTA Online: Data Miners Unearth New UFO Business Battle

Some GTA data miners calling themselves the Game File Gurus have uploaded footage of a previously undiscovered UFO mission to YouTube.

Fort Zancudo UFO Business Battle

“After a few days of digging, script reading, and painstaking trial and error with locals, we were finally able to force the correct combination to trigger the mission,” the Gurus said in a post on r/ChiliadMystery (via Dexerto).

The mission is part of the ongoing flying-saucer mystery at the heart of GTA Online’s more bizarre esoterica.

It’s a Business Battle that uses Omega — a trailer-park hippie encountered by Franklin in the Grand Theft Auto V story mode — as the quest giver.

“The new UFO is used in a Business Battle in which you steal spaceship parts from Fort Zancudo and deliver them to Omega,” the Gurus explained.

“It is believed that the mission is not yet active, but we are not a hundred percent sure. Once we finalize the prerequisites and requirements for this battle, an update will be made to this post.”

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