GTA Online: Cheating Gets Worse During The Free GTA 5 Giveaway On Epic Games Store

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Players can get themselves a free copy of GTA 5 over at the Epic Games store, they'll be able to download the title until 21st May and then keep it forever.

Unfortunately, it seems modders are jumping at the chance too!


The free copy of GTA 5 has caused a huge spike in the number modders on GTA Online. 

Players are reporting the game as 'unplayable' as cheaters spawn kill them repeatedly, derail missions by placing black holes, and drop cages on players, trapping them, and forcing them to leave the lobby.


A player on Reddit described the modding as 'out of control' on a recent post - 


"Last night i got hit with a blackhole centered at maze tower while trying to do crates.

Somehow my friend who was driving the cargo made it back to my warehouse but i kept getting pulled into maze tower along with every vehicle in lobby. I called dude out and started to blow me up. I switched sessions before he could make my game crash.

It’s so out of control now you cant get into a session that doesn’t have a modder in it."

Rockstar is yet to speak out about the issues.


Modding splits the community almost right down the middle, It would most likely frustrate just as many players if Rockstar were to crackdown on cheaters, especially as the appeal of GTA Online is the freedom offered to players (albeit, some of that freedom being against the games' T&C).