GTA Online Bunker Income Guide

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GTA Online continues to be a game where players just have to keep playing the game to make money, though there are in-game purchases for those who are really lazy and want to buy all of the things.

Whether you prefer racing, shooting people, or robbing banks, there are a number of ways to make money in GTA Online, including running odd businesses like growing marijuana or even having a Bunker, believe it or not.

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GTA Online Bunker Income Guide

Investing in a bunker is going to take a lot of money, as the cheapest one is around $1 million if you’re not on Twitch Prime and can reach up to $2,300,000 for those that want the best one.

Make sure to save your money or do a ton of missions before getting a bunker because it’s going to be costly.

Like most businesses in GTA Online, players are gonna have to spend a lot of money on their Bunker so that they can make that cash, which means investing a lot in upgrades.

Players in GTA Online will have to spend more than a million on equipment, about $350,000 on Security, and about $600,000 for that staff upgrade.

Profit-wise, Bunkers in GTA Online can make up to $45,000 an hour and $7,500 per unit so make sure to keep yourself up to date with your business.

While there are seemingly better ways to make money in GTA Online, having more than one business is just smart so make sure to get a Bunker when you can.

GTA Online is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC as part of GTA 5.