GTA 6: Teaser Photo Of The Vice City Map For Grand Theft Auto 6 Turns Up On Reddit?

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One of the big questions regarding GTA 6 is whether we will be heading back to Vice City.

While many are dismissing this rumours, a new picture may give us an answer to this lingering question that burdens every Grand Theft Auto fan.


GTA 6 In Vice City?

A new photo is been doing the rounds and shows what is meant to be the Miami skyline.

Posted originally by swiftmachine79, fans were quick to dismiss the prospect of this being a GTA 6 screenshot.

The title of the thread says "An interesting pic making its way around twitter, some saying it matches the Miami skyline others saying it’s gta V modded.."


Photo via swiftmachine79

Users were quick to debunk this, claiming it is simply a well exected GTA 5 mod.

It's a well-executed "teaser" but you would have to assume Rockstar would go for something more subtle to start their GTA 6 campaign.

Time will tell how valid this photo is.