GTA 6 Location: Five Places Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Be Set

While it's a long ways off, GTA 6 is in development – and is likely to be another world-conquering megahit for Rockstar Games.

It's crazy to think we haven't had a new Grand Theft Auto game since 2013, although that year's GTA 5 has been ported to current-gen consoles and PC since then.

A big part of the franchise's allure is the world in which each instalment is set. From top-down renditions of London to facsimiles of LA and New York, Grand Theft Auto gets around.

Here are our picks for locations we'd like to see the series go to next.


We had to. The capital city of England, London is a diverse city with plenty of landmarks and a unique sense of culture that's all its own – despite being made up of millions of people leading very different lives and from very different backgrounds.

A GTA in London might forgo its barbed satire of the American Dream, but we'd love to see our hero get stuck behind a bus in traffic or lead a heist on the Crown Jewels.


San Francisco

Watch Dogs 2 might have got there first, but San Francisco lends itself well to Grand Theft Auto's keen eye for comedy and its love of car chases.

With many tech startups local to the area, expect plenty of sendups of that particular industry, as well as cars careening down the city's famous slopes and across the Golden Gate Bridge.

New York or Miami

Sure, it'd be retreading old ground, but imagine a next-gen Liberty City, or a return to the neon-drenched streets of Vice City with ray-traced lighting.

You wouldn't need to remake each city as it was, with scope for expansion beyond what was possible on the PlayStation 2, and each lends itself well to exploration by land, sea, and air.



Ok, it's a long shot, but hear us out. Imagine a Grand Theft Auto game set in Tokyo, complete with high-speed freeways, drift-racing, and the kind of side activities the Yakuza games could only dream of.

Then imagine that heady mix of natural beauty and neon on next-gen consoles, combined with a thrilling crime drama set in the middle of a gang war between the Yakuza. We're dreaming already.

Wherever GTA 6 is set, we know that Rockstar will nail the aesthetics of the locale and its denizens – but we're still pulling for a return to London all the same.

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