God of War PC Reviews Are In - Is It Worth It?

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God of War (2018) has finally hit PC and for those of you wondering, it looks like the wait was worth it. After the PS4 version released to critical acclaim, this PC port appears to be just as good, if not better, thanks to numerous technical enhancements.

Metacritic has given God of War on PC a stunning metascore of 93 at the time of writing, the result of 33 different reviews. 32 of these reviews were positive and one mixed but, overall, it’s clear this four-year-old game is still worth it.


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God of War PC Reviews Are In - Is It Good?

So, what did reviewers have to say about the enhancements? Gamespew claims this is the definitive way to play God of War, praising the improved visuals, ultra-wide support, and NVIDIA Reflex for reduced latency. While God of War can be played at 60fps, Game Rant claimed it can even reach 100+fps if your system, providing you've got top specs.

While the PS4 can't support a lot of those features, God of War did receive a PS5 upgrade not too long ago, giving it 60fps and 4K resolution through backwards compatibility. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with whatever system you choose, but it's a relieving to hear this PC port looks like a success.