Ghost of Tsushima: How to Clean Your Sword

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Ghost of Tsushima, Sony's fan favourite for PlayStation 5 continues to be actively played with an ever-growing community With a Windows release planned for 2024, let us take a look at how to keep your swords clean and ready for action.

Proper hygiene might not be part of the Samurai code, but it can't hurt to make sure your weapon is in tip-top condition. Today, we will discuss how your crimson blade can be kept fresh to fight the Mongols. Cleaning the sword is also the only way you can put away the weapon manually in Ghost of Tsushima.

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Ghost of Tsushima: How to clean your sword

Like many PlayStation exclusives, Ghost of Tsushima also attempts to use inputs that are limited to PlayStation devices only. In this case, a player needs to use the controller touchpad - the black central part in the middle of the controller in case you’re not aware or a regular user.

Swiping right on the touchpad will make Jin act out a pretty cool and special animation of cleaning his blade, highlighting the terrific animation and graphics of the game. It is also a great opportunity to check out the game’s photo mode and capture Jin’s style. So simply by swiping right on the Dualshock’s touchpad, your blade is in perfect and pristine condition.

For PC, they will change this to a dedicated hotkey on your keyboard as there is no touchpad available. Alternatively, the middle mouse button might be used to clean your sword.

Ghost of Tsushima: Shaking off the blood

In Iaidō, which can be abbreviated as iai, a form of Japanese martial art, the removal of blood by flicking your sword is called chiburi. It’s mostly translated as “shaking off the blood".

After the fight ends, Jin will eventually put his sword away automatically if you wait long enough. While the animation from simply swiping right is cool in itself, for bonus points, use it to assert your combat prowess when facing down a group of enemies.

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