22 Apr 2021 10:49 PM +00:00

Ghost of Tsushima: How Long Is Sucker Punch's Open-World Epic?

Ghost of Tsushima, Sony's last big first-party exclusive before the PlayStation 5 arrives later this year, is finally here.


In case you're wondering how long the game is, we've got you covered - and it's good news for players that want to really sink their teeth in and absorb the game's beautiful world.

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Ghost of Tsushima: How Long Is The Game?

Ghost of Tsushima will take players up to around 50 hours to complete, making it a hefty timesink.

Jin Sakai's adventure covers the entirety of the Tsushima island, so there are also a wealth of hidden secrets to find, too.

That means your mileage may vary. For what it's worth, my run through the game clocked in at around 44 hours, with a few collectables to find and places to see.

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