Xbox Series X and Series S: How to Delete Your Xbox Account

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Getting next-gen consoles is terrific, but navigating the system’s UI can be a little tricky at first. This guide will help you know how to perform certain actions on your new Xbox Series X or Series S console.

Don’t be worried if you haven’t cracked it on your own, we’ve all been there! Especially in the excitement of Christmas day, trying to enjoy your new machine!


If you’re looking to delete an Xbox account off your new machine, here’s how that can be done!

How to Delete Your Xbox Account

They are multiple reasons you’re probably looking to delete your Xbox account on your Xbox Series X or Series S.

Perhaps it’s an old account you don’t want to use anymore, or maybe you created a new one by mistake when you set up your new hardware.


For whatever the reason, your steps will be exactly the same on both the Series X and Series S.

Take aim at your account! Source: Xbox

First up, as always, you’ll need to turn your console on!


Next up, open the menu by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

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From here navigate to Settings, then scroll down to the Account tab.

Now select the Remove accounts option, and choose the account(s) you want to remove.


Once you’ve followed the steps, the account will be deleted from your Xbox Series X or Series S.

Reset on the Best! Source: Xbox

If you want to permanently delete the account, you’ll have to sign in to your account on a computer and delete it via options on the official Microsoft site!


But otherwise, there you have it! The pesky account is gone.

We hope this guide helped, and please check out our others for your Xbox Series X and Series S needs!