Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Buy A Game As A Gift

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Your new console has just arrived and you cannot wait to play some multiplayer with a mate, we’ve all been there.

You both load up your Xbox Series X or S and want to load into some Halo Master Chief Collection, but oh no only you have it!


As a kind friend, you want to buy the game as a gift for your pal but aren’t too sure how.

Don’t worry we have you covered with our guide below!

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How To Buy A Game As A Gift

Xbox Series X/S


The game gifting system works pretty much the same as on the Xbox One. but if you didn’t own one of those here’s how you do it on the Xbox Series X and S!

Firstly sign in to your console if you aren’t already.

Next head on over to the Store page, the symbol looks like a bag with the windows logo on.

Now find the game you want to gift.


It doesn’t matter which game you choose, they all can be gifted in the exact same way.

Once you are on the store page for your game of choice, rather than buying it select the present icon.

It looks like a rectangle with a bow on it if you aren’t sure which.

Select this, and then choose to send it to someone in your friends list or via an email.


Either is fine, just make sure you pick the right friend or type in the email correctly, or one of your other mates is about to receive an amazing surprise!

Once this is done, confirm your purchase and your gifted game should be out on its way!

With all of that, you and your friend can now enjoy that multiplayer title you wanted to play together.

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