The Destiny 36 hour livestream marathon has begun!

With the release of Activision and Bungie's new blockbuster title, Destiny, getting gamers all over the world twitching with excitement, two members of the Gfinity team decided to show everyone how much they love the game with a 36 hour continuous livestream!Starting at 10am BST on Tuesday 9th September, Bricetacular and Warren will attempt to get as far through the game as they can. Stopping in along the way to offer some support will be some familiar faces from the Gfinity team and the world of professional gaming.Make sure to tune into the stream to see whether they'll make it all the way through to Wednesday night!Check out Bricetacular's POV at

Check out Warren's POV at

Want to watch both at the same time? Click here for multi-POV

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