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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Entire Pokedex LEAKED! Find Out Who Made The Cut!


Pokemon Sword And Shield news is starting to drop as we grow closer to the release date.


Incorporating a colourful Pokedex, with new monsters, Gyms are starting to get some changes to the way they operate as well as the number, as it has greatly been increased according to Game Informer; meaning your Pokemon Sword and Shield starters may change.

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There has been a massive leak over the last couple of days which was shifted the entire Pokemon Sword and Shield landscape.

From starter pokemon to the entire Pokedex, no aspect of Nintendo's latest release was safe from this leak. So who made the cut? Let us find out!

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According to this leak which can be found here, they have managed to uncover the exact number of new Pokemon coming to the game along with how many pokemon will be in Sword and Shield.

Noted in the leak the two major notes are:

  • "The Galar Pokédex has 400 Pokémon excluding Mythicals."
  • "81 new species"
  • "13 Galarian Forms"

Interesting to say the least, 81 new Pokemon is a substantial amount for Nintendo to develop but of course, some fans want more. They also happened to upload a neat image that showcases all of the new Pokemon including the starter evolutions. 

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What About Old Pokemon?

Now that we have displayed who the new Pokemon are going to be, it is time to discuss who is returning to the field from other generations. This is perhaps what gets die-hard Pokemon fans the most relied up, and to the disappointment to many, there is a lot of classical Pokemon not returning. 

Notables such as the Dragonite line, Metagross line and others are not appearing which is sure to upset some fans. 

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