Pokemon Go Subscription Service: All The Details We Know

Pokemon Go is getting a subscription service.

Well, at least according to leaked information from the game’s code.

Right now we don’t know a lot about how it will operate but here is everything that’s been leaked so far!

The Leaked Code

The leaked information comes in via Twitter thanks to some amazing Pokemon Go dataminers.

According to Poke_Miners on Twitter we know this information about the subscription service:

  • “A 'subscription' is a Store item (just like items, tickets, stickers, etc)”
  • “This item has a current state like active, cancelled, expired, etc”
  • “It has an auto-renew date”

We also got these phrases appearing in the game’s code:

  • SubscriptionState
  • AutoRenewDate
  • virtualCurrencyGranted

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Though currently, we don’t have a full indication of what the service could be for nor how much it would cost.

The phrase about virtual currency points to Pokecoins but could more be included?

Pokecoins could make a lot of sense but with ways to earn plenty of them in-game for free, would a subscription service be worth it?

Perhaps it could instead allow players to have unlimited usage of certain items? 

This would include Remote Raid passes or such, but this could also anger many fans if Pokemon Go feels too much like it’s pay to win.

We will just have to wait and see what happens!

Knowing our luck, the long-awaited Kecleon will be a subscription-exclusive Pokemon, can you imagine?

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