Fortnite Chapter 2: Worst Landing Spots And Locations To Get More Loot!

Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived with a brand new map, with many new locations that players may be struggling to get to grips with.

We're always keen to share our Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks and one of the best tips we can give is to know where the best landing spots and locations are so you can get the best loot possible.

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With literally thousands of new players jumping in every day, you HAVE to keep ahead of the competition – and having a good drop spot is one of the best ways to do so.

So what are the best ones on this new map?

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FN Radio-Landmark Location

Most of the locations on our list are going to be Landmark locations, smaller-scale then regular POI's as most of the traditional drop spots are filled with loot this season.

FN Radio is located to the west of Steamy Stacks towards the north side of the map, similar to its name it is a copy of a classical radio station. Although the name of this location is rather unique, the loot at this drop spot is rather abysmal. With only four chests scattered between the land and no boats nearby, players should stay away from this radio station.


Crash Site-Landmark

Crash Site is much like its name, it is an old crashed airplane that is on its own little island just a tad north of Sweaty Sands. With the plane dismantled into multiple pieces around this small island you think there would be more loot then there actually is.

With only three chests on the island, many players would argue that you could just swim over to nearby Landmark which has multiple loot spots. But, what if it is already pre-occupied? Stay away from the crash site or just like the plane you to will be abandoned. 


Base Camp Hotel-Landmark

The last entrant on our list is one of the camps located on the snowy mountains towards the southern portion of the map. Now, a lot of people have been landing on these mountainside camps but specifically for one that is located west of Base Camp Hotel which features nine chests and other loot spawns.

Base Camp Hotel, only features 4 chests and with little to no loot around it, it is hard to justify landing here in a match. 

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Written ByNick Farrell@Nickfarrell91

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