Genshin Impact World Quest: The Yaksha's Wish Walkthrough and Rewards

Genshin Impact has a variety of World Quests that provide insightful information about the many regions of Teyvat and the characters living in it. Some of them are hidden and only appear under certain conditions, and some others are locked behind Adventure Rank and Main Story progression, but all of them reward the player with useful items such as large amounts of Mora, Ascension Materials, and even Primogems.

World Quest - The Yaksha's Wish

To unlock this quest, you need to Interact with the Ruin Tablet in Minlin, as depicted below:

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Once activated, you need to look for clues to get the Light Actuators, the items you need in order to open the stone tablet and free the Yaksha Spirit trapped inside.

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First Light Actuator - Inside the Hilichurl Camp, north of the Ruin Tablet.
Defeat the Stonehide Lawachurl and the other Hilichurls to access the hut containing a Precious Chest and the Light Actuator.

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Second Light Actuator - On a stone platform, east-southeast of the Ruin Tablet.
When you go near it, the Light Actuator and the Precious Chest will be locked by a barrier that will open after you defeat the Hydro Abyss Mage and the Hilichurls around.

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Third Light Actuator - Inside a ruined tower, south of the Ruin Tablet.
Climb the tallest peak to the west of the ruins, then glide onto the roof of the tower. Glide down into the room from the hole on the roof. The gates will unlock, allowing access to the Light Actuator. To unlock the Exquisite Chest, you must activate the 2 Geo Lanterns.

Once you have them all, go back to the Stone Tablet, thus finishing the quest and obtaining your rewards. After completing the quest, 3 Precious Chests will spawn in the ruins to the south of the Ruin Tablet.

Quest Rewards:

  • 250 Adventure EXP Points
  • 30 Primogems
  • 3 Adventurer's Experience
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