Genshin Impact: Why You Should Keep Buying Transient Resin in Realm Depot

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In Genshin Impact, Original Resins are the game's Energy system which are used up when players claim their rewards after defeating a boss, domain or a Ley Line Outcrop. Due to the value of resins, players will need refills if they want to get more loot. However, Mihoyo has already introduced the Transient Resin to help these players out.

Why You Should Keep Buying Transient Resin

In the Realm Depot, Tubby sells the Transient Resin which costs around 1200 Realm Currency. The price for this item could be expensive for players who just recently accessed their Serenitea Pot Housing World. Nevertheless, players with Transient Resin will have a noticeable bonus to have it around.


If the cost still looks expensive, it'll be better to use your Realm Currency in furnishing your Teapot World further. Earning a high Adeptal Energy score for your Teapot World is crucial in generating more Realm Currency in the long run. When all furniture blueprints and the maximum Adeptal Energy is reached, aiming to buy a Transient Resin will not be a problem anymore.

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Why You Should Buy It Every Week

The Transient Resin works similarly to a Fragile Resin as it immediately refills the Original Resin Energy meter by 60. The catch for Transient Resins is that these items expire after a week and can only bought once per week from Tubby.


The extra resin boost may not seem much but it is crucial for players who are aiming to hit Battle Pass achievements. Using the Transient Resin can give the little boost they need to hit the "Use a total of 1200 Original Resin" weekly Battle Pass mission which gives alot of Battle Pass experience.

Moreover, the extra resin is enough for any activity that'll require players to pay with resin to get the rewards. Boss fights, Domain Runs, World Boss attacks, and even crafting Condensed Resins and Mystic Enchancement Stones can be covered with the 60 resin refill.

Saves Fragile Resin

Some players are often collecting Fragile Resin in Genshin Impact for some reason. If you're one of these players, the Transient Resin can allow you to refill your resin forcefully without eating up one of these Fragile Resins. It's a good substitute if you're saving the Fragile Resin for a future feature or just collecting it for collection's sake.


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