Genshin Impact 1.4: When is the 1.4 update coming out for Genshin Impact?

The latest Genshin Impact patch - 1.14 is set to arrive this week.

According to developers Mihoyo, Genshin Impact 1.4 will drop on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - around 3am GMT 11pm EST).

Genshin Impact 1.4: When is the 1.4 update coming out for Genshin Impact?

An official statement from the Genshin Impact support team adds: “To ensure all Travelers have the best-possible Genshin Impact experience, our developers will soon begin performing update maintenance. After this is complete, the game will update to a new version.

“After Travelers install the new game client, they will be able to continue playing. It is recommended to install the update over a Wi-Fi connection owing to the large file size.

“While the update maintenance is in progress, Travelers will be unable to log in to the game. Please take note of the update time and schedule your game time accordingly to avoid losing your progress. We hope Travelers will bear with us during the disruption."

That disruption will be quite heavy - in fact, Mihoyo is warning gamers that maintenance will take around 5 hours. 

“Update maintenance begins 2021/03/17 06:00 (UTC+8) and is estimated to take 5 hours. Precise timings are subject to change. Players may also experience disruption outside of this period.”

The release of Genshin Impact 1.4 will see the return of a fan-favourite banner. Venti’s Ballad in Goblets event will be kicking off straight after maintenance while gamers will also receive 60 Primogems for every hour the servers are down - which is pretty decent compensation. 

Elsewhere, there will be a new 4-Star Character Rosaria (Cryo)

Elemental Skill "Ravaging Confession": Quickly manoeuvres behind the enemy (except for some large enemies) and unleashes an attack that deals Cryo DMG. Elemental Burst "Rites of Termination":

Casts an Ice Lance into the ground that deals periodic bouts of AoE Cryo DMG.

There are also new Weapons, including Elegy for the End (5-Star Bow), The Alley Flash (4-Star Sword), Wine and Song (4-Star Catalyst), Alley Hunter (4-Star Bow), Windblume Ode (4-Star Bow)

Gamers can take part in the Invitation of Windblume event for a chance to obtain the event-exclusive weapon, Windblume Ode.


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