Genshin Impact - Should You Pull Single Wishes or Multi-Rolls?

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Table of Contents

Genshin Impact is, first and foremost, a gacha game. To get access to different strategies and more team combinations you will need to obtain new characters, which involves premium currency called Primogems, a bit of luck, and a pity system that will act as some sort of aid for the unluckier players. Before pulling any wish, though, you need to decide whether you want to pull a single Wish roll or multi-rolls of 10 Wishes.

Wishes and the Pity System


Wishes are the gacha system in Genshin Impact and are organized in separate Banners with their own pools of items. There are two main types of Banners: the permanent Standard Banner, called Wanderlust Invocation, and limited-time Event Banners, one for characters and another for weapons.

Players can buy either of the Fates required to pull for 160 Primogems each in the Wishes Menu or through Paimon's Bargains. There are also in-game methods of obtaining Fates, such as ascending characters or through the Battle Pass. For more information on the Pity System, you can check our helpful guide.


In any multiple rolls in Genshin Impact, you are guaranteed at least one 4-star drop since the 10th wish is always one. If you’re looking to save resources for a specific character, you may want to do this kind of roll after saving a good amount of Primogems, which can award great results but also requires more patience.

Single Rolls

This is what most of the players do since gathering Primogems can be a hard endeavor, even doing all the daily quests and events. Single pulls are meant for quick Primogem burning and as such, it may offer immediate results but also can be very frustrating, since you will see common items more often than not.


Conclusion - Which would we pick?

Truth is, it should be whatever is more comfortable for you at the moment of pulling Wishes. There is no bonus by doing multi-rolls, so you should pull however you see fit. Personally, I like to pull Single Wishes since it’s more immediate and satisfying, but if you want to save for a specific character, I’d recommend saving and then doing multi-rolls. Keep in mind, if you save for months and then burn everything at once, there are chances of you getting nothing of what you wanted, so be prepared for a moment of frustration.