Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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Genshin Impact brings a new event, this time called Kaboomball Kombat, which will see players fighting against Dodofortresses using beach balls, similar to the Golden Apple Archipelago minigames. This new game will bring several different rewards, obtainable with an exclusive currency during the event.

Kaboomball Kombat Event - Schedule and requirements

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During the event, Travelers can challenge the Dodofortresses and obtain Enigma Gears, which can be exchanged at the Event Shop for various rewards like Primogems, Character EXP Materials, and Mora. The event will run from July 2nd, 10 a.m. to July 7th, 03:59 a.m.

Pre-requisites: Adventure Rank 21 or above

Kaboomball Kombat Event - Rules & Gameplay

During the "Kaboomball Kombat" challenges, Travelers must use Dodoguards to reflect Kaboomballs and deal damage to the Dodofortress, trying to defeat as many within the time limit as possible to earn the highest score.

When a Dodofortress is hit by a return shot, it will build up its Fury meter. Once this meter is full, the Dodofortress will enter a Fury Faze for a time, increasing its rate of Kaboomball fire and the chances of it firing off special Kaboomballs. Some Dodofortresses may generate a shield to defend themselves. Dodofortresses protected by a shield can only be destroyed by Perfect Returns.

You will encounter Kaboomballs and Shazamfruits with different effects during the challenges. Avoid the negative effects of the Kaboomballs and take advantage of the effects of Shazamfruits to complete the challenge smoothly!


Foggy-Groggy Ball
A dirty Kaboomball. If you are hit and are unable to return it, it will create a dust cloud that obstructs vision!

Super-Simple Ball
An ordinary Kaboomball. Use it to assault the Dodofortresses!

Chilly-Frilly Ball
A cold Kaboomball. If you are hit and are unable to return it, characters will be affected by Cryo and their movements will be slowed!

Breezy-Burny Ball
A Kaboomball of great power. Reflect it toward Dodofortresses to deal greater DMG!

Matter-Chatter Ball
An intriguing Kaboomball…? After a successful return shot, the Dodofortress will fire 3 Kaboomballs in quick succession!

Twisty-Turny Ball
A real stunner of a ball that even pros find hard to throw. It boasts a highly unpredictable flight trajectory!


Zoom-Fwoom Fruit
Picking this up increases character Movement SPD for a short duration!

Fury Fruit
Picking this up increases Fury or extends the duration of the Dodofortress's Fury Faze!

Ping Pong Fruit
After picking this up, Dodoguards will automatically return Kaboomballs for a short duration!

Kaboomball Kombat Event - Challenge Quests

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Kaboomball Kombat will reward players with several items through various challenge quests. We will update this section when the full list of rewards is announced!

  • Complete "Incoming Kaboomballs!" 2 times - 20 Primogems, 100 Enigma Gear
  • Get a high score of 1,600 points in "Incoming Kaboomballs!" - 20 Primogems, 100 Enigma Gear
  • Get a high score of 2,100 points in "Incoming Kaboomballs!" - 20 Primogems, 150 Enigma Gear
  • Defeat 15 Dodofortresses in total - 200 Enigma Gear
  • Accumulate 80 Perfect Returns in this stage -

Kaboomball Kombat Event - Rewards

During the event, complete Challenge Quests to obtain Enigma Gears, which Travelers can exchange for precious materials in the Event Shop. We will update this section when the full list of rewards is announced!

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