Genshin Impact: How To Play The New Never-Ending Battle Event

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Mihoyo has recently confirmed more details about the upcoming Never-Ending Battle event. Players can pick the difficulty of the encounter they'll face and enjoy a unique system to buff up their characters in battle. Here's what we know on how to play this new event.

Battles In Golden Apple Archipelago

The new Never-Ending Battles event will be a challenge event where players will clear enemy camps to earn points for rewards. As seen in the event's title, enemies will respawn during the fight and players will have to until the timer runs out.


The event will give out rewards ranging from Primogems, Mora, Hero's Wits, and some Talent Books. Players who just want the Primogems will have an easy time as it can be claimed when the Bronze rating is achieved for the challenge.

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Difficulties And Buffs

Unlike other Challenge quests, the Never-Ending Battle gives the player some buffs that'll help them fight off the crowds foes in the challenge. The buffs will be unique depending on the every challenge.


However, the challenge doesn't easily give out the buffs as players will have to stack Momentum in battle. Players can only gain Momentum in battle if they defeat a Berserker enemy or shoot a Momentum Disc with a Harpastum.

Berserker enemies are much stronger variants of the enemies they'll face. Meanwhile, the Momentum Disc is a wooden target that can only be destroyed using the Harpastum item that Barbara provides to the Traveler during the Midsummer Island Adventure quests.

The Momentum gauge needs to be filled up with every ounce of power they gain from defeated Berserker enemies and destroyed Momentum discs. With enough momentum, the players can not only have access to the buff but even have a stronger version of it.

Lastly, the challenges have three difficulties namely Normal, Hard, and Fearless. Normal requires players to have a team that are at least level 50. Meanwhile, Hard needs a team of level 70 characters. Trying the Fearless difficulty needs a well-equipped team of level 90 to finish without issues.


Seven Challenges For Two Weeks

The Never-Ending Battle will have seven challenges throughout its duration. Players will have one unlocked each day starting from July 9. The event will run for two weeks, just in time for the Kazuha banner to expire.

At the same date of the event's start, Mihoyo is also scheduled to reveal the next content for upcoming patch 1.7.

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