Genshin Impact: How To Fix The Payment Declined Error

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In Genshin Impact you can use real money to buy some goods or items for sale. And with that, you can have the option to use a credit or debit card in order to pay.

But there may be times that a payment declined error may occur in Genshin Impact. A transaction may fail if it happens, so, it is best that you know how you can eventually fix it.


With that being said, here’s how to fix the payment declined error in Genshin Impact.

How To Fix The Payment Declined Error In Genshin Impact

There are several ways you can fix the payment declined error in the game if it happens.

One of these includes a change in your platform. You can use a different platform to run Genshin Impact and to finish your pending credit or debit card payment transaction. If you play on PC, then you can open the game on mobile to fix this, or vice versa.


For PS4 players, on the other hand, you may also pay by buying credit from the PS Store which can be used to purchase goods in the game.

If the ways mentioned still do not work, then you may resort to using another debit or credit card. The error might be from the card you are using.

Types Of Payment Declined Errors In Genshin Impact

The payment declined error in Genshin Impact can be encountered in different forms.

It can be the “Bank detecting suspicious activity,” “Payment limit on cards,” or “Unknown error.” But you may eventually fix this by doing the steps mentioned.

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