Genshin Impact: How To Clear Harpastum Bombs Loaded... Blow' Em Away Quest Fast

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After clearing the last main quest for the new event, Genshin Impact players can now craft bombs to clear the fourth event challenge. The last event challenge requires players to craft bombs and clear Hilichurl camps with it. Here’s how to clear this new event fast.

Craft Bombs

After removing the barrier on the Golden Apple Archipelago’s last island, an Alchemy Table can be also be found there where players can craft the bombs to be used for the event. These bombs are not necessary in the quest later but will greatly reduce the time you’ll need to clear enemy camps.


The three bombs are Straight Shooter, Floaty Sploady, and Hot Pod. All of these bombs work differently and will also need different crafting materials to make them. Players can only hold around a hundred of each bomb but each craft yields 20 bombs to the player immediately.

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Floaty Sploadies Are The Best

While the bombs work differently from each other and its own uses, the Floaty Sploadies are currently the best for clearing out the batch. This specific harpastum grenade explodes in a large area-of-effect which allows the player to take out many enemies at once. The damage for all the grenades are also immensely high as it hits around 100k for every target. Due to its high damage, the bombs only work inside the event challenge hilichurl camps within the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Coupled with Anemo characters that herd enemies closer together, the one good Floaty Sploady throw will clear the Hilichurl camp if landed well. Meanwhile, the Straight Shooter only hits one target at a time while the Hot Pod is only reliable against Cryo shields and inflicting the Burning status against enemies.

The camps will only have smaller Hilichurls and large ones but never seen with archer positioned high on a tower or an Abyss Mage.

Around 20 Rounds Of Clearing Camps


Unlike the other quests, clearing nine Hilichurl camps will be enough for the quest but not for purchasing all the rewards from the Event Store. It’ll take at least 20 Hilichurl camps to clear to buy everything on the Mini Harpastum event store.

Once that’s done, you’ve purchased the Dodoco Tales catalyst weapon, its ascension materials, and other rewards that’ll be useful in upgrading weapons and your characters. 

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