Genshin Impact Gardening & Farming Guide: How To Grow Plants In The Serenitea Pot

Along with the new features in Patch 2.0, Genshin Impact is scheduled to receive a Gardening system in the Serenitea Pot Housing feature. This new system will allow players to plant seeds that can grow into harvestable useful plants and flowers in the game. Here's how the Gardening system works in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Gardening System Explained

As seen on the Patch 2.0 Special Program reveal, Mihoyo confirmed that the Gardening system will be introduced in the update. On release, players can now plant seeds of any flower and plant found out in the wild and grow it inside their Teapot World.

Mihoyo is said to still refining the feature as seen in the reveal announcement. We'll have to wait for more details and its implementation on live servers to see how it fully works.

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How To Unlock Gardening & Get the Seed Dispensary Gadget

The hard part of the Gardening system was revealed as players will need to equip the Seed Dispensary gadget to make seeds for their Serenitea Pot garden. Similar to the Serenitea Pot gadget, Madame Ping is said to give this gadget to the Traveler.

Once the Seed Dispensary is equipped, players will need to manually pick up the plants and flowers to get its seeds. It'll take another round of exploring Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma to get a good bunch of seeds for planting.

If the seeds are ready, players can now go to their Teapot World and buy plots of tilled land from Tubby where the gardening system can be used. Players will place seeds in these plots for a maximum of four seeds per plot. The whole system seems like an automated feature where players won't need to water and groom the plant to successfully grow into a flower.

Free Farming

The new feature may look like a chore but it could save players sometime in the future. Many Genshin Impact flowers and plants are used as cooking ingredients and character upgrade materials.

Players often need a lot of these items as upgrading characters requires at least a hundred of these flowers for ascension. Meanwhile, cooking food in Genshin Impact requires making a lot of the same dish to stock up and use its effects whenever needed.

This new Gardening feature can help players not pickup the plants anymore if they need more of it in the future.

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