Will There Be a Genshin Impact Christmas Event?

Is there a Genshin Impact Christmas event? Possibly, but not in the same way as other games, such as Animal Crossing where real-world holidays have a more influential presence. In 2020, when Genshin Impact released, miHoYo added the Dragonspine region a few days before Christmas. It's a vast, snowy region with dozens of puzzles and challenges, and while we likely won't be getting any presents that big this year, existing leaks point to a snow-tide event at least.

Genshin Impact Christmas 2021 - Dust and Shadowed Snow

Leaker GenshinBLANK said Dust and Shadowed Snow will continue in Genshin 2.3 where last year's similar event left off. Dust and Shadowed Snow will reportedly include several challenges, such as training, snowman building, and a boss fight, that reward you with special event currency. As always, you can exchange this currency in the event shop for special rewards. What those are is still unclear

They all take place in the Dragonspine region, and so far, the entry requirements are fairly low.

  • Adventure Rank 20
  • Complete "For a Tomorrow Without Tears"
  • Then finish "Traveler Observation Report" and "Lost in the Snow"

Dust and Shadowed Snow Events

BLANK's leak showed a handful of events planned during the celebration.

  • Born of Snow - Snowman building event
  • Dragonspine Special Training - series of training events, including combat and agility training
  • Rise of the Boss (tentative name) - Fight against a giant Cryo Whopperflower

Genshin Impact Dust and Shadowed Snow Rewards

So far, the only Dust and Shadowed Snow reward we know of is the four-star sword Cinnabar Spindle. Similar to Dodoco Tales from the Midsummer event, you'll receive refinement materials from completing quests or as rewards you can buy with event currency.

Cinnabar Spindle

  • Attack: 41
  • Secondary stat: Defense (15)
  • Refinement: Elemental Skill damage increases by 40% of user's defense

The Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream airs November 12, so we'll know more about Genshin's Christmas plans soon enough.

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