Gears Tactics' new launch trailer is here - and it's surprisingly informative

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Gears Tactics launches on Steam, Xbox Game Pass for PC and Windows 10 on April 28 – and you can pre-load it now!

With the game shifting from a cover-based third-person shooter to a top-down tactics title like XCom, it's sure to shake things up.

Thankfully, the latest trailer reveals plenty of new info to help get you acquainted with your new COG squad.

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Gears Tactics Launch Trailer

In this new, bombastic trailer, we get some story snippets, a look at our main antagonist, a list of character classes and plenty of gory executions – all within a two-minute video.

You can check it out below, and pre-load the game on your PC now. An Xbox release is coming at a later, unannounced date.

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