YouTuber Claims Joy-Con Drift Has Simple Solution

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift issue seems like an insurmountable problem, one Nintendo has yet to address. Even the newly announced Switch (OLED Model) uses the same internal build as the existing Switch, so the Joy-Con drift issue will likely persist.

However, one YouTuber may have found a solution to the ongoing problem — and it’s as simple as getting a business card (thanks VGC).

VK’s Channel posted a brief, but detailed, video isolating the source of Joy-Con drift and showing VK’s fix for it. The streamer demonstrates a Joy-Con experiencing drift issues and seems to resolve the issue by applying a small amount of pressure to the casing.

YouTuber Claims Joy-Con Drift Has Simple Solution

That, they said, indicated a problem with the internal piece meant to keep the Joy-Con analog in place.

VK opened their drifting Joy-con and briefly discussed how the controller is supposed to work. The analog casing has little support and, over time - especially when pressing in on the stick - the casing gradually moves away from the analog stick itself.

That’s when it starts to drift.

The solution is adding a 1mm piece of cardboard under the fixture to keep it in place and prevent the separation, VK said.

Gfinity's Rob Kalajian tried the solution on a pair of drifting Joy-Con and confirmed it does seem to fix the issue, though how long lasting the method is remains to be seen.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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