Xbox Series X And S Controller Prices Revised and Raised With No Pre-Orders Available

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With each new generation of console, Microsoft designs a new controller with new unique features.

The upcoming release of the Xbox Series S and X, Microsft are set to release their new Wireless Controller.

The primary adaptations of the controller is the new D-Pad design.

It will allow players to swap out different D-Pads to find one that best suits their needs

This news brought a lot of excitement and raised a lot of questions 

These primarily revolved around the price of the controller and a pre-order date.

Well, a price for the controller was originally stated on the Xbox India website, since then the price has been revised and raised.

Microsoft India Reveals Xbox Wireless Controller Price Revision

Last week, Microsoft's next-gen consoles were available to pre-order across the world.

At the time, Xbox India stated the Xbox Wireless controller would be Rs. 3,999 (£41) for the white and black variants.

The blue colouration of the controller was listed at Rs. 4,999 (£52).

This did seem a little cheap for a new controller design and has since been revised by Microsoft.

The Mako Reactor reached out to Microsoft India and they replied with the revised prices.

"The prices are getting corrected as we speak: the actual MRP is Rs.5,390/- for Black and White Controllers & Rs.5,890/- for Light Blue Controller.”

This aligns with the prices currently listed on Microsft's Official Store:

  • Black / White - $59.99
  • Blue - $64.99

Although the controllers are listed on the store, no pre-orders of the controller are available at this time.


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